Landing Page tips

Here you can find how to build a landing page for SaaS startups and what are the landing page tips? 

Website is the core component of digital marketing with more digitalization, the importance of how effective your landing page is getting more significant. 

For startups, especially Saas startups, who are yet to convert their product/service to revenue, landing pages are crucial. Why? Because there is a lack of capital and time to put into marketing and sales. Websites and landing pages create a great opportunity for these startups to present their product/service at a little cost, educate the audience, and convert. 

 What is a landing page?

A landing page is the static web page that is optimized for marketing and advertising. Unlike websites, landing pages have a single goal that is determined by its CTA(Call to action). Landing pages are effective as they are simple, SEO friendly, clean, and to the point. For example, for Saas companies, landing pages offer an excellent structure to convert prospective leads to real customers. Firms need to design landing pages with a specific goal, like an email subscription, scheduling an informational chat, registering for a webinar, etc. All of these conversions take you one step closer to your next sale.

If you design your landing page properly, with the right keywords and structure, Google’s algorithm will rank your landing page in much higher in its ranking. Why?

Because landing pages consist of targeted, rich, and non-repeat content, and it is perfect for Google’s crawling and indexing algorithms. Higher the ranking, the more visitors, prospective customers to your website.

Landing page tips for Saas companies:

To create a great landing page, you need to:

  • Decide the goal of the landing page
  • Describe the problem, and how your product/service solve the problem
  • Choose a proper CTA that leaves no question in the reader’s mind
  • Use high-quality image/video on your landing page to create interest
  • Be specific in your argument (why you? Where will they end up if they take the required action?)
  • Increase the credibility of your service/product with testimonials

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