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Page speed is so crucial that you lose a prospective lead in just a few seconds. So, the question is, “Does SEO tactics help me achieve a great page speed?” If so, “How can I implement them to your landing pages?”. Keep on reading if you are asking the same questions. 

When you apply SEO tactics, your goal is to get a place that is higher in rankings. Well, Google’s goal is to create a better customer experience. So, we can say that your goal is to make your customer experience nothing less than perfect. Fast loading page plays a crucial role in keeping customers on your website and creating a great customer experience. 

How can you ensure you have a great page speed?

Important metrics:

Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who enter the website and leave instead of spending more time on other pages of your website. If your web site loading slowly , you will have a higher bounce rate, which is a downside to getting higher rankings by Google. 

Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors who took the desired action. You want to have a great page speed to have higher conversion rates. 

How can you optimize your page speed?

  • Choose the right web hosting. Inefficient hosting plan for your website will create problems in the future, if not now.
  • Optimize the images on your website. Use the right format of images
  • Get rid of unused buttons and links
  • Functionality > Aesthetics. Use the right theme format.
  • Minimize the HTML code. Do more with less code 

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